The Need for Attention

People who flirt are often looking for a little fun in life, but some of them feel the need for attention they do not get from their partner. It is not necessarily a bad thing, and it could just be that the person they are with seems unable to flirt with them. It does not signify they are ready to leave the person they are with, and it can simply be that they enjoy a good flirt with a passing stranger.

The need for attention within a relationship can make or break it, and it often depends upon the type of attention a person is after. Those who want more than any partner is able to give will find their relationships will not last very long, and they will often become involved in a series of unbalanced relationships. There are always some people who want extra attention they know their partner is not able to supply, and some of them will betray their relationship to get it. It can cause heartbreak if they do this, so they should exhaust all other possibilities first.

A little flirting generally does not hurt anyone, and it can enhance a relationship. There are people who are good at flirting, but there are also those who appear to be unwilling or unable to do it. They can see the fun and lightness flirting brings, but their abilities do not match their affections. These people might see their partner’s flirting with others as something important, and they are not necessarily jealous. It does not affect their relationship in a negative way, and they understand their partner will not betray them.

Being in a relationship often calls for compromise on the part of both partners, and it should be done only when both of them will benefit from it. A person who needs a bit more attention than their partner can give could find their needs satisfied with a little light flirting with strangers.