Flirting to Spark The Romance

Singles have long been known to flirt with those who attract them, but many people feel married couples have no need to do it with anyone. It might come as a surprise that couples, who flirt not only with each other, actually have better relationships. The ability to flirt comes with a healthy dose of self-confidence, so there is a good correlation between those who flirt and those who feel confident in their current relationship.

Flirting outside of a relationship has little or nothing to do with seeking another partner, and it can be seen as an outlet for socialization. Few people take it seriously, but it can make a dull day seem much more fun. Doing it in front of a partner might seem unacceptable, but it enhances the relationship in subtle ways. A person who flirts with others lets their partner know they are confident in their own ability to interact, and their partner can feel more attracted to them.

When it comes to interaction between the couple in a committed relationship, flirting can change their entire outlook on their day. They might feel light and fresh before they walk out the door, and it can lift their day out of the normal rush and into the arena of happiness. When they meet for dinner that night, the spark of romance has already been lit. Fanning it into a flame is simply a matter of continuing what they began in the morning.

There are few reasons to give up flirting once two people make a lifelong commitment, and there are many emotionally healthy reasons for them to continue. They might like to flirt with others, but taking the time to flirt with their spouse can also enhance their relationship. Taking the time to add that extra touch of playfulness will make their relationship better far into the future.